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A Running Community that matches you to other runners locally to motivate you to have fun & stay healthy

Join or create runs in your area, meet local runners that help motivate you to have fun, and get fitter in a safe and secure way.

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The Best Way to Get Motivated

Get motivated, get fitter, get healthier and have fun whilst you are running. Motiv Meet matches your personality and running style to other people in your area so you can meet up safely and motivate each other to get out and run.

Advanced Matching Solution

You're more motivated when you run with people who have similar running styles and interests. That's why our matching searches help you select the right type of run for you. The result means you wll turn up, have fun and get more inspired by being with similar people.

Runner Safety and Security

Our app focuses on your safety as a priority. We ensure the rule of 6 is maintained in your group as well as setting tight safety community guidelines every member agrees to each time they join a run.

Join New Runs

Get instant notifications when new runs of interest to you are posted. Quickly see when runs are being hosted and join ones of interest.

Post your own Run

Fancy hosting your own run. Great!! Simply post your run location, time and run details and get other members to turn up.

Free Community of Runners

Search for the type, distance and style of run you like

Chat with your Run Team

Host your own runs for others to join

Runner Secure - enforcing rule of 6 per group.


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