Become a MotivMeet Ambassador and help us create a community for Runners that can motivate others.

You’re probably wondering what a MotivMeet Ambassador is all about?

Well, we need people like you that can help us make sure we are creating the best experience for our new running community.

We are looking for people to help us prior to launching the app live to other areas:

What do MotivMeet Ambassadors do?

Our MotivMeet Ambassadors are critical to help us build the right community for runners. Our Ambassadors will:

Feedback on the app

Let us know of any headaches, problems, bugs, inconsistencies or dislikes when using the app.

Your Thoughts

Be vocal in your likes and dislikes to us so we can get everything just right for you and others.

Host Runs

Host run events in your area to help people get motivated and have fun.

What have we missed?

Tell us what we have missed from a feature or brand perspective that would help you and other runners get the most from the community.

Support us Launch

Believe in what we have produced - help us tell others when we launch so the community can thrive.

What do we give back to MotivMeet Ambassadors in return?

Our MotivMeet Ambassadors will help us shape the right product to create the best running community possible. In return not only do we want to say thank you but also you will get:


FREE Motiv Meet Tee Shirt and Goody Bag to show a small token of our appreciation.

The Future

We will let you know of the new and latest ideas we are building before anyone else.

React to your Feedback

It's annoying when you feedback ideas and then don't get updated. We promise that we will let you know exactly what we have done in response to your ideas.

Sounds Interesting? Think you can help?

Simply sign up below and we will be in contact. Thank you for helping us build something that can help others get motivated and healthy.


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