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We want to ensure running clubs and groups can reach the most people possible, to acquire new members and show the benefits they bring to their local community.

Due to this we are providing free webpages for running clubs and groups so runners can find out more about your club and contact you. Simply contact us to claim your page now.

What do we provide you?


A free URL for the club with key information that can link to your social channels, website and more.


Any information you want to provide. We will create and upload them for you, from key questions, weekly schedules, member photos, testimonials and much more.


Adjust and update at anytime - just contact us.

Example Club Page

We can add or customise anything on your club page you wish. Here are some examples of some aspects of the page your club can have setup to promote itself. Alternatively click here to visit another club page that has been created.

What is the Catch? Is it really free?

There is no catch. We are providing these pages to help clubs promote themselves and continue to thrive. We personally know the importance clubs play both to their members but also the local community. By providing these webpages we hope that it helps your club to continue to grow.

If my club gets a webpage what do we have to provide?

We will ask you what sections you wish to have on the page. You will then need to provide the content and any imagery you wish to use. After that you sign off the page before it goes live. That's it.

Do I need to use MotivMeet App for my club if I get a webpage?

Not at all. Obviously, we hope that the app provides enough value to your club that you may wish to use it (it's free too) but there is no obligation to have to do so.

How long does it take to setup?

Once we have all of the content it will only take a couple of days to create the page and make it live for the club.

Do you manage a Running Club?

We help running clubs maximise the benefit they provide to the local community and their members.

Get a Free Club Profile Page

Contact us to get a featured listing for your running club for free. We will design and build it all for you so you can promote your club to our audience.

Benefit from using MotivMeet to manage your club

Running Clubs use MotivMeet to easily manage their club on a weekly basis.

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