The Benefits of Joining a Running Club or Group

Considering making the leap and joining a club? There are a ton of benefits that come with being part of a running club. From learning all of the secret routes to procuring life-long friendships and a sense of community. The reasons to join are as numerous as they are enriching.

It can be a somewhat intimidating idea to join a running club, but the same is true with any club! Would-be members don’t need to worry about their speed or holding up other runners.

If a runner loves to run and wants to better themselves (even slightly), then joining up with a club should be a no-brainer.

Read on to explore just a few of the benefits that club membership has to offer.

1) Sense of belonging

For newer runners one thing that can stand in the way of training, let alone running club membership, is that silly feeling like they are just pretending to be a runner. There is an expression that exists in writing – it is called ‘imposter syndrome. That is just an expression of that feeling of not belonging.


It may seem counterintuitive to some, but joining a running club can be an excellent way to alleviate this feeling. Being a part of the community and developing relationships within it allows runners a sense of belonging, a feeling that they are truly a part of what it is they love to do. It’s a long road out there- runners shouldn’t have to go it alone, and with a running club, they don’t.

It’s a long road out there- runners shouldn’t have to go it alone, and with a running club, they don’t.

2) Community

Speaking of not going the long road alone: human beings are social creatures. As a species, humans are pack animals. The list of benefits that comes with being a part of a community is too long to grasp. Runners forge deep friendships over time.


There is nothing that brings people together like overcoming adversity and triumphing over challenges. Joining a running club is a fantastic way to make friends that share interests and time, and one never knows when they will need to support or lean on a friend.

3) Motivation

When you can’t do it for yourself – do it for the team. It’s OK to admit it – some days are a struggle to get outside and run. It’s hard to push through sore muscles, fatigue and the stresses of life for any given runner on some given days. Being a part of a community gives runners that extra reason to go out and conquer themselves and their chosen route.

4) Learn Better Routes

Piggybacking knowledge off of a whole community of runners is sure to turn up some gems. Finding those secret routes that not everybody knows about allows runners to try new things.


Wisdom learns from those who have gone before. It can be a real boost for a runner when they are heading out to try a new run, excited by the glowing description their peers gave them. Runners get the inside scoop when they join up with a running club and it is worth its weight in gold.

5) Friendly Competition

Joining a running club can bring out a bit of that competitive edge in even the most passive of runners. Being competitive has some real benefits to training as a runner – and in any sport. Runners strive for higher levels of achievement and discipline when a sense of competition is introduced to the mix.


Competition also builds camaraderie and teamwork. It drives runners to accomplish more together by working against each other – together. It is a beautiful thing. A sense of competitiveness gives a person skills that they can take and apply to almost any area of their lives.

6) Coaching and Knowledge

To be surrounded by experienced and trained coaches is invaluable as somebody who enjoys running. The tips and tricks and drills they can offer to runners at a glance can be game-changing.


Improving form, learning new drills and techniques and just continuing on steady down the path of self-betterment.  There is no telling what an offhand remark from a veteran can do for a runner – it could be career starting or injury preventing advice.


These are only a few benefits that are basically guaranteed when one joins up with a running club. There is no substitute for the benefits of fostering a community and connecting with people who share the same passion.


Who knows where the roads will lead runners who make the wonderful decision to connect.

It’s a long road out there – nobody should run it alone.

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